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BReast Concern Action
Collaboration with Partners
What We Do

Lady Helen Woo
The Hon. Mrs. Laura Cha
Mrs. Johanna Arculli, BBS

Board of Directors
Dr. Ava Kwong

Vice Chairman
Dr. Tsao Yen Chow

Dr. Chan Woon Tong Joseph

Dr. Suen To Ki Dacita

Dr. Chan Tsun Leung
Dr. Fung Kwok Chor Alfred
Dr. Ho Leung Sing
Dr. Li Wai Tat Walton
Dr. Ma Shiu Kwan Edmond
Dr. Wong Taam Chi-Woon Vivian
Mr. Wong Tak Wai Alvin
Dr. Wong Ting Ting
Honorary International Advisors
Prof. James M. Ford, M.D.
Prof. Mary-Claire King, Ph.D.
Prof. Olufunmilayo I. Olopade, M.D.
Prof. Jeffrey Weitzei, M.D.
Prof. Dee W. West, Ph.D.

Honorary Advisors
Prof. Lap-Chee Tsui
Prof. Vivian Chan
Dr. Michael K.G. Ma
Dr. Law Ka Bo Bonita
Dr. Lim Boon Hua
Dr. Lilian L.Y. Leong

Fundraising Advisors
Mrs. Beatrice Brown
Mrs. Christine Chan
Mrs. Emily Chan
Mr. Dorian Ho
Mrs. Patti Ho
Mrs. Stacey Morse
Miss Louisa Tak Yu Wong

Friends of High Risk Breast Cancer Programme (HRBCP)
Miss Peggy Cheung
Mrs. Lisa Tang




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